Zap-tec Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) solidify liquid waste streams, dredge sediments, biosolids and sludges associated with remediation projects, landfill closures, petrochemical spills, and other environmental cleanup projects. SAPs reduce waste transportation and disposal costs from these operations by solidifying liquid waste while minimizing an increase in weight and volume.



Super absorbent polymers have numerous advantages over commodity solidification media like kiln dust, Portland cement or sawdust. Super absorbent polymers:

  • Chemically bond with water, and don’t biodegrade and release liquid
  • Minimize waste volume–typical expansion is less than 1%
  • Mix quickly to improve production efficiency
  • Pass the EPA Test Method 9095 paint filter test. After solidification, many waste streams pass EPA Test Method 1311 for RCRA metals.
  • Are approved for landfill use

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