Commercial Construction

Chase offers a range of technologically advanced coatings, sealants, tapes, tracer wires and associated materials used in commercial?construction. Chase products have a successful track record in demanding anti-corrosion, waterproofing, tracing, coating, and other high-performance applications.

Our field-proven core technologies are unique formulations that protect infrastructure investments and solve a range of challenging problems for the oil, gas, water, wastewater, bridge, highway, fiber and associated industries.

Chase has a proven track record in the commercial construction industry by harnessing the qualities of a spectrum of chemistries and products.

Coating & linings:?

  • High-resistant waterproofing for concrete, cooling towers, potable and wastewater facilities, and water features.

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Building envelope:?

  • Window and door flashing
  • Roof waterproofing products
  • Above and below grade waterproofing
  • Vapor barrier accessories

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Bridge & highway:

  • Chase products provide superior performance on?bridges, parking structures, highways, and elevated structures
  • Extend the life-cycle of pavements
  • Reduce maintenance costs and improve the durability?of surfaces

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Pipeline tapes & coatings:

  • Anti-corrosion tapes and coatings for pipelines in the oil, gas, water and wastewater industries

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Microspheres applications include:?

  • Adhesives, drywall paste, and patching compounds in construction materials for cost, weight and dry time reduction
  • Added to polyurethane flooring adhesives and insulative foam
  • Additives to epoxy-based systems to reduce cost and weight
  • Paints to reduce weight, drying time and need for less binder
  • Polymer concrete systems to reduce weight and cracking
  • Fiber reinforced plastic compounds for marine applications to reduce cost and increase flexibility

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